id-based tripartite key agreement key agreement id-based tripartite protocol man-in-the-middle attack new identity introduces signature message attack new protocol tripartite key agreement protocol random oracle model existential forgery This document proposes a new tripartite identity-based tripartite memorandum of understanding that is more effective than the existing tripartite protocol. This protocol is based on the Joux protocol of the key agreement and introduces signing at the same time as the key agreement to overcome man-in-the-middle attacks and provide authentication. The new protocol resists existential counterfeits against adaptively chosen information attacks under the random oracle model. @MISC{Nalla03id-basedtripartite, author = {Divya Nalla}, title = {ID-based tripartite key agreement with signatures}, year = {2003}} An effective tripartite authenticated key agreement protocol is presented, using Weil coupling. Its security features are under discussion. Other keywords: security properties; a key tripartite authenticated memorandum of understanding; Because pairing inspec keywords: protocols; Public key cryptography themes: protocols; The theory of cryptography; cryptography; Minutes…