Question 10: Do you agree with our draft mechanism for the application of confidentiality clauses in employment contracts? What would be the positive and negative consequences? The Law Society also said the guidelines will be part of a new set of guidelines that will be made directly available to the public and disseminated through partner organizations and law firms. If you are a regulated company, all your employees, including assistants, consultants and locums, owe all clients an obligation of confidentiality, and disciplinary proceedings may concern both the company and the staff. SRA resources for the use of confidentiality agreements. Question 8: Do you agree that the independent advice a worker receives on a settlement agreement should be specifically required for confidentiality rules? Outsourcing includes all data storage agreements with a third party via the cloud. The National Cyber Security Centre website provides useful instructions for determining whether the cloud service provider you are considering is secure enough to protect your customer data. The guidelines are relevant to all NDAs, regardless of the context in which the NDA comes into being – we have seen examples of labour clauses and disputes related to negligence claims and business transactions. This guide examines situations of communication between lawyer and client. However, for the purposes of these guidelines, it is considered that these guidelines are confidential, but that they do not directly concern the matters that are the subject of a request for opinion and are not privileged. Issues relating to disclosure to us and legal privilege are addressed in our Notification and Reporting Requirements Guidelines. The guidelines now contain a specific section on „the obligation not to exploit the consideration“.

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