All requests to rent the building should be addressed to the Center Manager. The person mentioned on the booking form is considered a tenant. If an organization is called, the person signing confirms that they are doing so with the full authority of the organization. The tenant must be over 21 years old. Maybe you`d like to consider different steps for different tenants, for example.B. a knitwear group might do less damage than a birthday party. You can assess this based on the risks and then decide. The rental fee for the lobby is as follows: the rental of the building is done at the specific agreed times indicated on the booking form and does not allow the tenant to use or enter the premises at any other time. The building can only be used for legitimate activities. CSC does not undertake that the building is fit for a specific purpose and that the tenant must satisfy himself in this regard. These conditions, together with the booking form you have completed, constitute the agreement on the date and time of the bookings and apply from the first date indicated until a new agreement, which will be reservient after the semi-annual meetings of the lobby users, where changes to this policy can be agreed. „tenant“ means a single tenant or, if the tenant is an organization, that organization. (a) Bulk bookings: in case of return of the signed contract, the tenant pays either (i) the full amount due, or ii) the payment of the first month (as needed).

In the event that payments are made monthly, they must be made in advance monthly for the duration of the reservation. (b) Individual bookings: the tenant must pay the full amount within 7 days The invoice PayPal indicates the amount of the basic rental fee and any additional rental fee to be paid by the tenant. A deposit of £50 [cash] is also required on the day of booking and expires if the lobby is abandoned in an inappropriate condition, is damaged or if the function exceeds its exit time inappropriately. This is left to the discretion of the Hall Management Committee and is not negotiable. The tenant is responsible for the fact that the hall is left correctly and correctly after use and that the purchased waste is removed from the property and disposed of from the property. Any spills must be cleaned up. The £50 cash reward will be refunded at the end of the booking. Under no circumstances may the consumption of alcohol or cigarettes be consumed in the lobby without prior written consent. For more conditions, please consult the booking form. Rentals of dance music or stage pieces are only allowed if the reception is made for a closed organization or if the entrance is by invitation….