On 24 and 25 November 2014, the EFLM`s first strategic conference was held on the theme „Defining Analytical Performance Goals 15 years after the Stockholm Conference on Quality Specifications in Laboratory Medicine“. On 24 November, at the end of the first day, a DRAFT consensus was delivered (the DRAFT had indeed been written before the meeting). However, the conference organizers later asked not to make the DRAFT public. Here`s just a summary of the draft content. Milan`s official final mandate is available, so this document is only useful for comparison purposes. In Indonesia, Solidaridad provided technical assistance to 30,000 small farmers for access to credit from the Indonesian government to enable them to develop small tea processing plants. We also facilitated the signing of a historic agreement between ITA and UPASI (India), China Tea Marketing Association (China) and Indonesian Tea Marketing Association for pan-Asian coordination of sustainable development initiatives. For the first time, the three countries recognized the other country`s sustainable development frameworks to improve the tea sector. It`s 2019, do you know how good your hematological performance should be? As with chemistry and immunoassay, there is no general consensus, no consensus or standardization.

But here is a consolidated summary that shows the extent of the discrepancies. Solidaridad has reached a consensus on sustainable samanenimat in the tea sector. It has been successful in improving farmers` livelihoods by enabling them to raise awareness of the benefits of collectivization and encourage them to form self-help groups. Solidaridad has also improved the understanding of tea prices for small farmers. Although current certification standards still have limitations, they provide an opportunity to connect with tea industry stakeholders via national platforms and allow for discussions on more complex issues that cannot be addressed solely through certification. Solidaridad was able to use these new approaches to gradually transform itself beyond the certification agenda. Standarisation or standarization? Harmonization or harmonization? We seem to be moving towards a schism in performance specifications rather than consensus. Here is a recent comparison of overall performance specifications for chemistry testing.

What is the bare minimum of quality? In 2015, four Spanish EQA suppliers updated their previous consensus targets to expand a common set of minimum performance specifications for testing. Min Spanish EQA are the minimum performance specifications of several Spanish surveys of the EQA The Kayonza Tea Growers Factory in Uganda has a unique business model. Its suppliers – small tea producers – are also their shareholders. The factory was saturated, so they wanted to build a second factory. It meant winning an investor. Solidaridad has collaborated with Kayonza to create assets and remove obstacles. March 9, 2018 Update with corrections to IQMH specifications and other tips on using their specifications. Solidaridad has facilitated the development of sustainable development policies for the Chinese tea industry. Solidaridad has also established Lestari`s national sustainable development standard for Indonesian tea in Asia. This type of business support continues to contribute to the sustainable production of teas produced by smallholders, the helping to fill gaps in the supply chain between businesses and smallholders. To this end, industry leaders Unilever and Pickwick have committed to purchasing all of their tea from Rain Forrest Alliance and UTZ-certified farms.

Smallholder farmers are the world`s largest tea producers and we believe that strengthening farmers through the dissemination of good farming practices, supporting farmers` organizations and supporting certification will benefit farmers, their families and the environment. That`s how you make tea sustainable. Rilibak are the German performance specifications of the EQA Rilibak rules.