„The agreement was not possible,“ Mr. Sénchez said, referring to the party failure in April`s polls. „We are aware of the disappointment. It will be a progressive government, no matter what. A progressive government made up of progressive forces that will work for progress. There is no place for hatred among Spaniards,“ he said in a thinly veiled reference to the far-right group Vox. The Executive Prime Minister added that the government would exist „for four years, throughout the term of office.“ With the 13 seats of the ERC and a possible combination of support from other left-wing or Basque parties, Prime Minister Sénchez could continue to lead a coalition. The coalition government will proclaim 31 October as a day of remembrance for all the victims of the fascist dictatorship of General Francisco Franco, which ended in 1975. But the agreement also accentuated Spain`s biggest political division in decades. This Parliament will undoubtedly be the most tense and divided since Francisco Franco`s return to democracy after decades of domination. „The results are so tight that the situation is still tense. Because the idea was that once the big arrangements were made – with the Catalan and With Unidas Podemos – some of the smaller regional parties would follow, but because of the concessions made to the Catalan separatists, they do not like it, so there is only one different voice and the situation is so narrow that one voice could change everything. The coalition government would also introduce a new law to replace the Civil Security Act – which critics call the „gag law,“ which say it limits the right to protest peacefully with the introduction of fines for anyone who organizes or participates in an „unauthorized protest,“ or when the protest takes place near institutions such as the Spanish Parliament.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez of Spain`s Socialist PARTY PSOE and Unidas Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias were able to meet on Tuesday to form a minority coalition. Shortly before 2:30 p.m., the two people appeared before the press to sign their agreement before the two statements were made.